Fitness gift ideas

Which gift can a fitness starter look forward to?

What are the best gift ideas for fitness freaks?

Here is the answer to these questions!

Many have set their sights on more workouts for the New Year. Or they have been with us for years and improve with each passing workout. To ensure that the plan continues to work, a gift can certainly help a lot for the achievement. You can often train much more motivated with new equipment or gadgets.

It is not so hard to find a pleasure for a sports enthusiast. Nowadays there are a lot of helpful gadgets to support the lovers of movement and fitness.

On your mark, get set, go!

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Sport makes you thirsty!

So there is always a need for a drinking bottle.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

The beautiful drinking bottle with fruit strainer is a very practical tool against thirst during sport.

Because it is not just a simple water bottle.

This 32 OZ BPA-free sports bottle also has an integrated fruit strainer. You can use it to make your own fruity refreshing drink or spritzer.

It's quite simple:

  • Cutting the fruits into small pieces
  • Put them into the sieve
  • After a short time, the water is already flavoured

The natural fruit spritzer is ready.

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Running Belt

Sports without all the plenty gadgets? Hardly possible!

With this sport belt it's is not a problem!

Running Belt

It allows you to keep your smartphone, iPod and keys safe and comfortable during the sport.

The Waist Belt is available in many beautiful colours. It captivates by its very comfortable and practical way.

Just pull it over your hip like a pair of trousers. Holds perfectly.

In addition, it is extremely comfortable and also has a beautiful design.

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Smart Body Analyzer

It's for the advanced people. And the freaks.

Smart Body Analyzer

As a fitness enthusiast, you usually want to know your body very well.

...weight, body fat and heart rate...

The Smart Body Analyzer is exactly the right gadget for this. Besides weight, body fat and heart rate you can even measure the current air quality!

Of course, you can also measure the percentage of fat in your body in addition to your current weight.

With this smart scale the recorded data can be sent directly to your smartphone. Here they can be comfortably evaluated and analyzed.

...and this scale saves data for up to 8 people. It's simply more fun in a team ;-)

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Happy Socks Athletic

A gift for the fashionable fitness freaks among us.

Happy Socks Athletic

These sports socks from "Happy Socks" keeps you... happy. And in a good mood during training.

And they are guaranteed an eye-catchers.

The large selection of variations give the colourful and funny socks a feeling of security. And definitely offer variety.

To be honets, it takes a bit of courage to wear them - do you dare?

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Captains of Crush Hand Gripper

No more excuses. Even while watching TV you can do something for your fitness.

Captains of Crush Hand Gripper

Most athletes already own or have seen a gripper. You hold it in the palm of your hand and squeeze it together.

Captains of Crush Grippers enjoy cult status in the weight training scene and are a beautiful gift for fitness enthusiasts.

For most men, the "Trainer" with almost 100 lb resistance is the right entry-level model. Women are best off with the "Guide" with 60 lb resistance.

By the way: the Gripper is ideal for small contests, whether in the office or among friends.

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Massage Cold Roller Ball

More and more people are doing a myofascial self-massage after training.

Massage Cold Roller Ball

This is also a good thing: It helps you to regenerate faster, loosens stuck fasciae, loosens muscles and promotes blood circulation.

The result: Fewer injuries and tensions and the body feeling of a supple Leopard.

It is not even necessary to have trained before. On the contrary, this self-massage is also suitable on training-free days or simply occasionally in the office.

The Cold Roller Ball combines the advantages of fascial massage with the anti-inflammatory properties of cold treatment after training.

If you want to top it all off, this gift can be wonderfully combined with a personal massage.

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