Gift ideas for cooks

Hobby cooks have a good sense for high quality.

A gift for a cook should therefore be useful. And in the best case also be something unusual.

Most busy kitchen fairies always need small kitchen gadgets to help them cook.

There are always products in the kitchen that are needed, make work easier and save time.

We have put together practical and funny little helpers, which make the preparation of the next dishes a real treat.

Who knows, maybe you will even benefit from your gift given away? ;-)

Electric knife sharpener

Without a doubt, sharp knives are essential for every chef.

And if your knives are not made of ceramics, you have to sharpen them regularly.

However, sharpening with a sharpening steel must be learned. An amateur chef usually lacks the necessary routine.

The electronic knife sharpener brings dull blades in three phases back on track. He grinds knives off at a 20-degree angle and polishes them in the third phase with diamond and ceramic discs.

That is practical!

The device is suitable for all smooth and serrated knives.

Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster

The chef is a Star Wars fan? Then this one is a no-brainer.

This toaster toasts the Star Wars logo in your bread and has the shape of Darth Vader's head!

Should the bread be dark and crispy? No problem! With a slider of the Darth Vader Star Wars toaster you can set whether your bread should switch to the "dark side"!

The toaster does not need to be hidden in the cupboard. It's not only a nice decoration for the canteen on the "Death Star", it is also doing very well in a kitchen!

Luke, I am your toaster!

Edgy Brownie Pan

Have you ever noticed that the edges of the brownie belong to the best part? Hardly anyone likes the middle pieces ...

This special baking pan ensures that every brownie gets chewy edges. The serpentine - zig-zag - shape provides tangible for edges.

Simply ingenious and ingeniously simple.

A creative amateur chef may also come up with other ideas with the baking pan.

Crockpot - the slowcooker

Every chef should have heard of it before. But not every cook has it already: a slowcooker!

  • It cooks without you standing at the stove
  • You do not have to stir or stir, but the meat will be melt in your mouth
  • Having a hot meal for the family for lunch or dinner, even though you were at work or do other things - everything but not cooking.

All of this makes a Slowcooker or Crockpot possible. A simple small electrical appliance, low in purchase and consumption.

It cooks in slow motion and without further action, as long as the amounts of liquid are right.

The hour-long cooking time below the boiling point protects vitamins and ensures wonderfully aromatic stews, soups and stews.

Fast food is OUT - slow-food is IN

Vintage Butter Glass

For chefs who take "DIY" seriously and want to go one step further with:

Homemade butter!

It only takes one ingredient and in about 10 minutes time. With a little cream you make a nice creamy and fresh butter in this butter keg.

In order to give the butter its own DIY taste, it can be refined as desired. For example with the addition of herbs, chili or garlic.

Just Yummy! Which cook would not love that?

Himalayan cooking salt plate

We have a special kitchen gadget, so it does not get boring.

How about a salt plate that has been under pressure in the Himalayas for millions of years?

Sounds impressive, right?!

But what is this fantastic Himalayan salt rock good for?

Well, for the special taste!

  • In the Oven
    The stone can also be perfectly heated in the oven. But please warm up slowly (a little over an hour). When the desired heat is reached, you can lay the food on it.
  • Barbecuing
    Put it on the grill on low heat and let it slowly get hot.
    If the stone is hot enough, you can put the food directly on top. The dishes are salted and get a fine smoky note.

But not only warm food can be prepared with it. To serve cold food, which can use a little extra salt, he is also very suitable. Just think of sushi or tapas ...

You might ask yourself, "Is not that too much salt for the food?"

No, not necessarily! The natural salt in this block is finer than ordinary table salt. The plate always delivers only a small amount of salt to the food. If you want to have more salt on your food, just put some liquid on the plate - thereby the salt layer is slightly dissolved.

Japanese 67-layer Damascus Chef's Knife

A dream of every cook!

With this Japanese Damascus steel chef's knife you also cut through meaty chunks like warm butter.

Extremely sharp and durable.

Apart from the fact that it counts qualitatively to the best knife blades, the knife is also a real eye-catcher.

The unmistakable grain of the blade attracts everyone's attention - whether it's a cook or not.

The jewelry is delivered in a black gift box. A fantastic piece!

Reusable Silicone Food Savers

Every cook will know that.

You only need half of a certain ingredient. Half a lemon, lime or onion ...

And what happens to the other half?

  • Throwing it away is out of the question.
  • Putting it uncovered in the fridge is not optimal

After all it is about qualitya and valueable food. The solution: silicone food covers for the obligatory half onion.


Voila, no lonely clenching lemon halves in the fridge.