Gift ideas for cyclists

There are people for whom the bicycle is more than just a means of transport.

Even more, than just a piece of sports equipment.

In fact, it is a piece of lifestyle.

It come's handy, that there are also suitable gifts for cyclists out there.

Take a look around and browse through a variety of gift ideas for passionate cyclists:

  • clothing
  • gear
  • and many practical and original accessories.

This makes cycling twice as much fun. Whether for mountain bike, racing bike or city bike: Here you will find gifts for bikers who would like to sleep on their bikes.

The Ultimate Outdoor Cycle Backpack

Safety first!

The Ultimate Outdoor Cycle Backpack

And that with this absolutely ingenious and innovative backpack with LED signal.

At the back of the waterproof foldable nylon backpack, there are four LED signals. You can use this LED signal on the back of the backpack to indicate when you want to turn left or right.

You can also display a warning signal on the backpack. The LED indicators are located on the handlebars via a wireless remote control. The batteries of the LED lights are rechargeable.

The bicycle backpack is very light and weighs only 365 grams.

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Cycopath - T-Shirt

A tee with a funny slogan or cool print can certainly inspire every cyclist.

Others also get something out of it. Wearing such a shirt will certainly make everyone smile.

If you love your bicycle, you don't really need a motor to move from "A" to "B" anymore. That makes this outstanding T-Shirt with the word creation "Cycopath" clear. The cotton T-shirt in retro style is available in different colors.

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LED Turn Signal Cycling Gloves

LED Turn Signal Cycling Gloves

The time has finally come. With this glove you always have your bicycle indicator with you.

Your direction is indicated by the indicators on the back of the glove. The turn signal is activated directly at a switch between thumb and index finger. At the same time everything is waterproof and the glove is completely washable.

Useful and also very practical gift idea for cyclists.

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Smart Compass Navigator

Anyone who rides a lot of bikes will be delighted with Beeline as a gift. The smart navigation for the bicycle is a great and useful gadget.

Smart Compass Navigator

It looks pretty inconspicuous, but is a great help on every tour on the bike.

Especially in the city.

The device works with the Smartphone and the Beeline App, which does not have a GPS receiver itself. Simply attach it to the handlebar, enter the start and finish points in the app - possibly add waypoints - and then simply follow the arrow.

Super practical and also very reliable.

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The Back Roller

A wet sweaty back and poor posture are just two of the symptoms of a backpack.

Back Roller

A bicycle bag solves the problem.

It is extremely light, waterproof and perfectly adjustable to the individual measurements of the carrier.

The Ortlieb Back Roller is big enough to be used in everyday life. With a variable size, it is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Due to its first-class workmanship and versatility, this bicycle bag belongs to the basic equipment for every cyclist.

Must have!

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Bike Bell

Attention please!

Bike Bell

Other road users still can't see you despite the best light and overview? All that remains is to push the alarm button.

This stylish bicycle bell from Knog fits every handlebar. It provides a clearly audible alarm tone for significantly more safety for everyone.

Since this bell is available in different colors, it will certainly satisfy the fashionable taste of every cyclist.

After all, the eye is listening.

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Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock

This lock is a gift for eternity.

Bike Bell

The more expensive the bike is, the more serious and annoying it is when the good piece is stolen.

The Kryptonite Messenger Mini Plus Wheel Extender has proven to be particularly safe.

This is virtually unbreakable.

The Wheel Extender provides secondary protection for front or rear wheel.

Although it is not the lightest in terms of weight, the specially hardened steel (max performance) means that even the boldest bike thieves will bite their teeth out.

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