Gifts for photographers

Are you also wondering which gifts you can give to your family, friends or other lovely people?

Sometimes finding a gift is not easy! We know the problem too. If your loved ones also have a passion for photography, then we have something for you:

Just take a look at our gift ideas for all photography lovers.

And let yourself be inspired

In this list you will find gift ideas for all people who are passionate about photography.

We choosed gifts that are not only practical. But also guaranteed to inspire every photographer. These things are cool, not everyone has them and they make the most beautiful hobby, even more beautiful.

Inspirational and Creative - Just like any photographer.

We are sure that you will find a suitable gift for every photographer in our list. And, by the way, it is also allowed to give something for yourself ;-)

Okay, here they are: Gifts for photographers which are guaranteed not to fall into oblivion.

The DIY camera kit

It's kind of funny - you have to try it!

DIY camera kit - Konstruktor F

The DIY kit for a camera. Gorgeous gift idea for photographers. Tip: It's best to give also a suitable 35 mm film for the recordings.

The upgraded version of the Konstruktor F is now equipped with a PC socket for flash photography. To use the camera with flash, all you have to do is buy the Konstruktor Flash Accessory Kit.

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The bean bag

Use all surfaces in your environment as a tripod for your camera. Whether branches, railings, walls or dashboards. Everything that is nearby.

Bean bag for cameras

Recently I was taking pictures with a friend. He was a little smarter than he had brought a bean bag.

"With the bag, it does not wobble anymore", he said.

"That's right, cool! It's time for my own bean bag!", i answered.

The bean bags are not only suitable for the photo safari in africa, but also for the photo session in big cities.

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Handsome camera bag

You know this functional and ugly camera bags?

Not this one!

Handsome camera bag from evecase

This is a nice and high-quality camera bag with adjustable compartments. It offers optimal protection for the beloved equipment from rain and dirt.

No one suspects that this is a camera bag. She is also very spacious. The partitions are adjustable and very well cushioned.

The camera bag can be converted into a briefcase. An additional laptop bag provides protection for your 14 inch notebook or tablet.

A useful all-rounder

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Photographer's wristband

Great for the fashion-conscious photo geek.

DSLRKIT Photographer's Wristband SET

Taking pictures is about focal lengths, aperture and so on. So why not wear all the numbers, dates and facts as a bracelet?

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Portable FilmMaker System

When a photo is not enough and your story has to be recorded on tape...

Neewer Portable FilmMaker System

This portable FilmMaker System is a convenient camera mount for the shoulder.

It has a lightweight construction and is suitable for longer mobile recording sessions. Moreover, it is comparatively cheap, of good quality and is perfect for curious beginners.

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Flexible Tripod with Ballhead

Do you...

  • taking pictures in nature?
  • ...go out in the outback for "the special shot"?

Then you always have to be mobile. And your camera too!

JOBY GorillaPod SLR Zoom

Put your camera in the craziest places.

Or hang it up. Or what ever idea you have ;-)

This little helper here is perfect for nature boys and girls. It fits in any camera bag or backpack.

It is easy-to-ise, set up in few seconds and holds even real DSLR cameras with lens!

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Holga camera

Do we still need to introduce these iconic Lo-Fi medium format cameras?

Holga 120N Medium Format Fixed Focus Camera

Gone is the megapixel hype. From the first square photo, the charm of the chinese Holga camera will conquer your heart.

Holga is about something else - your creativity. And this plastic 60mm f / 8 plastic camera demands your creativity!

Your pictures will be different - definitely.

Satisfy your desire for dreamy pictures today, with this plastic-lens-wonder.

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Alternative: Holga lens

Holga lens

Your DSLR camera also experience the Holga feeling.

Just use this holga lens for your Canon or Nikon camera

Protective Wrap

Wait, a wrap? Sounds like a simple stuff. Well, it is!

Holga 120N Medium Format Fixed Focus Camera

But it is an absolute helpful goodie. With the wrap you can transport the camera in any bag.

For example, a simple bag is enough. It can easily carry your camera through the world without worrying.

Although this little wrap is worth gold, it costs under $20. This makes it very cheap and a great gift for photographers.

Oh, it can also be used to protect a lens.

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Red LED headlight

Like to take pictures at night?

Headlamp LED Headlight Red and White Light

All those night-owl photographers should have a headlamp with red light in their camera bag.

The headlight is useful because

  • you have both hands free
  • the red light is more pleasing to the eye at night, thats an important fact for night photoraphy
  • in addition, the red light can be used as an accent in photos

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Portable Printer

Digital or not. There are moments when you want to hold a special photo in your hands.

But who has a printer today?

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

This small portable printer is well suited for this. Just share a nice memory on paper directly from your smartphone.

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